Shopify / Shopify Plus

This guide describes how to integrate Resolve into your Shopify e-commerce platform so that you can provide Net Terms as a payment option to your customers.

Shopify / Shopify Plus? Our integration works with both. For ease of reference, we'll refer to both as 'Shopify'.


After integrating Resolve, your Shopify shop will:

  • Offer Net Terms as a payment option on the checkout page

    • This payment option also surfaces a link to your buyer application

  • Process Resolve payments in your order management system

The integration steps are:


Before you begin

Before beginning integration, you should review the following:

Install the extension and leverage Shopify 'Test Mode' before pushing it live. The integration will not operate with Resolve sandbox accounts.

1. Retrieve keys

Your Merchant ID and Secret Key are available in your merchant dashboard. Just go to the Settings tab then choose "Integrations" from the sub-tabs. Your Merchant ID and Secret Key are under the "Direct API" section. Be sure you're logged into your production dashboard to retrieve these credentials. The Resolve Shopify integration will not connect to Resolve sandbox.

2. Install the extension for Shopify

  1. Ensure that your 'Business website' within Settings > Account details > Public business information is set to your Shopify storefront.

  2. Install the Resolve for Shopify app via the Shopify app store or your dashboard integrations page - please reach out to your Account Manager if this latter option is not available.

You'll need to link your Shopify shop to your Resolve account, from within your Shopify dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Resolve Pay app settings and enter your Merchant ID and Secret Key.

  2. Click 'Link merchant account'.

  3. Click 'Activate Resolve with Shopify'.

  4. Click 'Configure Resolve Pay as a payment method' to be taken to the next step.

4. Configure Resolve as a payment method

After installing the extension, you may click 'Configure Resolve Pay as a payment method'. This will navigate you to a menu where you can enable Test Mode or deactivate the application.

5. Review your order management functions

Processing orders (authorize, capture, cancel, refund, and partial refund) in Shopify updates the order status in the Resolve dashboard. You cannot undertake these actions from within Resolve. Click here for more information.

In Shopify, you can set your orders to automatically capture. Navigate to Settings > Payments and see the settings for Payment capture method. Setting this to 'Automatically at checkout' or 'Automatically when order is fulfilled' will automatically capture / send the invoice in Resolve at these moments in the order life cycle. Note: automatically capturing on fulfillment will only result when an order is completely fulfilled. Setting the payment capture method to 'Manually' will mean that you must manually execute a capture action for every order that's authorized by your buyers.

Payment capture method settings impact all payment methods, not just Resolve Pay.

6. Test your integration

Connect with your Resolve Account Manager to access a test buyer (ie. test buyer credentials) associated with your merchant account.

Enable 'Test mode' from within the Resolve Pay app settings in the Shopify dashboard.

  1. Review Shopify's documentation on test orders. Make sure test mode is enabled for Resolve Pay.

  2. Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.

  3. Select 'Pay with Net Terms' as the payment option.

  4. Proceed to checkout and use the test buyer credentials to login to Resolve and confirm an order.

  5. Verify that you land on the order confirmation page and that your order has been created in Shopify.

  6. View your order within the Resolve dashboard.

Test orders will not trigger money movements in Resolve - even if you choose to capture or refund the order from within Shopify.

7. Go live with Resolve

Disable test mode within the Resolve Pay application settings in the Shopify dashboard and you're ready to go!

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