Our merchant partners typically have most success when Resolve is integrated into the sales flow - be it via an e-commerce platform, offline process, or a blend of these channels.

Where do your orders get entered first?

📣 Want to advertise that you offer Net Terms? Merchant partners will often host a Resolve landing page or a banner advertising net terms where they link to their Resolve-hosted buyer application. The application can be opened in a modal, so that your buyers never leave your website. The Resolve checkout-sdk supports this: Resolve Credit Application Modal

E-commerce orders

With Resolve, your customers will be able to select 'Pay with Net Terms' as easy as 'Pay with a Credit Card'. Our checkout flow allows buyers to apply for net terms and, on approval (within seconds for qualified buyers), complete the checkout.

📓 Read about the Resolve checkout-transaction flow here.

Implementation generally takes just minutes to a few hours depending on your current e-commerce set up. We offer 'turn key' integrations for supported platforms - low-code / no-code options. We also offer a checkout-sdk (developer kit) and an API if you want something more custom.

Supported e-commerce platforms

Resolve checkout is available through low-code & no-code integrations with the following platforms:

Other e-commerce platforms

On another platform or have a custom build? Resolve offers a 'checkout-sdk' (developer kit) that makes it easy for your development team to integrate the Resolve checkout flow within your e-commerce system.

Resolve also offers an API that can support e-commerce checkout, if you prefer to go for a more custom solution. Limited development resources? Reach out to us and we can provide support or put you in touch with a partner.

Offline orders

Some merchant partners prefer to take orders offline (via phone, chat, etc.) and input those orders directly into their ERP (accounting system) or OMS (order management system).

Supported ERP / OMS platforms

Resolve supports low-code / no-code integrations with the following platforms:

  • QuickBooks Online

  • NetSuite

  • Xero

  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • Odoo (partner supported - reach out for more information)

Other ERP / OMS platforms

Many merchant partners leverage our API or data import/export tools to integrate Resolve with their ERP, OMS, or external data stores.

Still have questions? Reach out to your account manager.

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