Transaction flow

  1. The customer goes to the shopping cart and begins checkout.

  2. The customer selects the Resolve payment method during checkout.

  3. The customer submits checkout.

  4. The merchant sends the checkout object to Resolve.

  5. The customer is either: a) redirected to Resolve or b) sees a Resolve modal

  6. The customer signs in or creates an account with Resolve.

  7. The customer confirms payment details.

  8. Resolve redirects the customer to the merchant page defined in the success_url property of the checkout object. Resolve also appends the charge_id token as a query parameter in the success_url.

  9. The merchant parses the response and stores the charge_id token, which is used for all future charge actions, retrieved from the Resolve Charge API response.

  10. The merchant redirects the customer to order confirmation page or shows a confirmation message.

  11. The order is complete.

Once the merchant is ready to fulfill the order, they will capture the charge.